Find Your Nature Score:
Currently in Beta--there is only data for addresses in Seattle and San Francisco.
Why street nature is valuable:

•   Nature improves the quality of urban life
Nature relaxes people, reducing stress, anger, and sadness, improving moods.
•     Street nature increases property values
Up to 5% for home landscaping, 13% for neighborhood trees, and 32% for proximity to greenbelts.
•     Street nature is good for business
Up to 7% higher rental rates in commercial offices with quality landscaping, and 9-12% higher consumer spending in business districts with extensive nature.
•     Views of nature improve student learning
Students have better attention and more self-discipline when exposed to nature.
•     Views of nature improve healing
Hospital patients recover more quickly and completely with views of nature.
•     Plants reduce global warming & pollution
Plants and soils absorb CO2 and many other air pollutants. Trees can reduce a street's airborne particulates by 60%, helping you breathe easier.
•     Plants soak up stormwater
Trees alone can intercept up to 18% of rainfall, and plants filter pollutants from stormwater runoff.
•     Nature is beautiful
'nuff said.
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Seattle data by Davey Resource Group
San Francisco data by RPGeospatial